714 – Robotics 1 (Semester)

This project-based course explores the interaction of science, math and technology. Students will use robotics as an introduction to mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Using the engineering design team concept as a model, students will work in groups to research, design, program, and construct a robot to compete in class competitions. The course teaches the basics of robot programming and elementary electronics using VEX robotics kits, Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D printers and basic CNC machining. Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards that include basic academic skills, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, workplace safety, technology, and employment literacy.


9th grade or higher. This course will not fulfill the Saint Francis physical science graduation. Course offering dependent on adequate enrollment. UC/CSU Area G.

724 – Robotics 2 (Semester)

Students will continue their work from Robotics 1 to work in engineering teams to design, build and test increasingly complex robots. The course will illustrate the engineering design process, the importance of integrating sensors, and complex machine control, and briefly discuss robot learning and multi-robot systems. Students will be expected to solve challenges using physical robots and computer simulations. Students will work in teams to complete a larger design problem and participate in local and regional competitions. Special attention will be paid to the design process and its communication through both presentation and documentation. Students will explore additional hardware and software solutions to robotics problems. Students will learn advanced hardware and software techniques, as well as the mathematics and physics to understand them. Students enrolled in the course are expected to be active participants in the after-school Robotics program.


Successful completion of Robotics 1 or a year of Robotics club and competition at Saint Francis.  Enrollment in this course requires participation in the Robotics Club during the semester enrolled in the course. UC/CSU Area G.